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Personal Mobility Concierge

Your dedicated assistant, available 24 hours a day.

Experience your travels in peace and without any worries, because with PRIORITY YOU you will always have a competent and attentive person at your disposal for any needs.

Your Personal Mobility Concierge is in fact ready to respond to every need and solve any inconvenience, wherever you are and at any time, finding the best and most timely solutions for you.

No stress or wasted time: just give us a call and we will mobilise for you.

Assistenza-ferrari-assistenza-maserati, assistenza-ferrari, assistenza-maserati, officina-auto-mobile
Assistenza-ferrari-assistenza-maserati, assistenza-ferrari, assistenza-maserati, officina-auto-mobile

Car care & maintenance

The fast track to car care for the whole family.

With PRIORITY YOU, car care and fleet management also extends to your family, with thorough maintenance, servicing, repairs, tyre storage and much more.

You can also have your car washed at your home, office or wherever is most convenient for you and order a customised car cover in the body colours and livery of your car.

Our luxury car service will take care of every detail.

Mobile Workshop

The fast and punctual service that reaches you wherever you are.

PRIORITY YOU is always at your side and assists you at any time with its mobile workshop, able to reach you in the event of a stop, malfunction or failure of your car, wherever you are.

Changing the battery, changing tyres, checking on control unit problems: any unforeseen event that may happen to you will not have the power to stop your journey or your fun times.

In addition, we can also provide you with technical support at special events or demonstrations, so that you always have a qualified assistant equipped to intervene promptly for any of your needs or wishes.

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