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Blockchain Certification

Advanced technology made simple for you

PRIORITY YOU's job is to make your life easier, which is why we have made a complex but functional and cutting-edge technology simple, enabling you to better manage your car fleet by digitally notarising documents and certifying them immutably on the blockchain.

An innovative and never-before-seen service, which uses the best available technologies without you necessarily having to know them or have specific expertise.

We apply them for you.

More security with blockchain

… more value for your vehicles with the digital certificate.

Our notarisation system uses the blockchain to manage, track and protect the authenticity of each document, making it unique and unchangeable and associating it with the car's unique Car ID via a Non Fungible Token (NFT) digital certificate.

Forget cumbersome and difficult procedures: doing it is as easy as a click!

Simply log into your reserved 'My Garage' area to request the NFT of your car and certify every event concerning it, from maintenance to participation in races and events, simply by uploading a photo or file quickly and intuitively.

Notarising documents with PRIORITY YOU allows you to create even more value on each of your vehicles, because through the historical archive you can view every operation and event related to your fleet, ensuring that future owners can buy not only the car but also its entire history. You can also create customised reports to share during negotiations, making the sales process more transparent and secure.

You upload the documents, we certify them and keep them safe.
In the race to your satisfaction, PRIORITY YOU is always in first place!


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